Fits with everything.

Multiformat, intuitive interface and instant pricing. Simply and easy.


The way you work is perfect

Design with the software you feel most comfortable with - we accept most vector formats that can save/export to 2D and 3D CAD programs.

Supported formats:

 .dxf   .dwg   .step  


 .svg   .pdf   .ai   .eps 

We love DXF

Upload a file in DXF format to our website, the parameters will automatically be detected (total measurements, stroke length, etc.). Check the data and you are ready!

It took us years so that you can make it in seconds 


In our creation interface we show you only the materials currently available (updated in real time) at the factory, and we ask for minimum details of your piece to offer you a real and fair price instantly.

It has never been this easy 

With LaserBoost, making your design a reality is very easy. Upload your design to the configurator, choose your options, check the price instantly and confirm the order. Your creation will be manufactured in less than 48 hours. No account setup. No delays. No worries.

Ready. Set. Done.

Incredibly fast, tremendously accurate.

Cutting speeds up to 36,000 millimeters per minute (2.16km/h) with an accuracy of ± 0.1mm. We load specific cutting configurations for each type and thickness of material. We use cutting techniques with oxygen and nitrogen - we choose the technology that offers the best quality for your design.


Reality surpasses fiction in 48 hours.

Fast manufacturing through agile work systems, guaranteeing the creation of your order in less than two business days.

The right measure to do great things.

Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum. A perfect hat trick.

At LaserBoost we offer laser cutting of metal parts without minimum quantities with dimensions up to 1000 x 1000 millimeters and with thickness between 1 and 3 millimeters. Explore our materials section, discover our finishes, get inspired and start your creation.

Do you need a higher thickness or a larger work area?

Does your project need to go one step beyond laser cutting?

Explore the rest of the operations that we carry out at our facilities.

No detail is too small.

Our best marketing is quality.

At LaserBoost the quality is found in the DNA of the people, the services and the machinery involved. We improve our online service through satisfaction surveys and perform daily calibrations and inspections of all our facilities and machines.


Our 6 main control points

A clear and graphic explanation of our quality inspection

Without scratches

We avoid deep marks, especially on the front side of the piece.

Free of burrs

We eliminate dangerous projections on the edges of the sheet.

Flat and without bumps

We ensure uniformity and flatness throughout the process.

Clean and rust-free

We store our dry materials in climate-controlled enviroments.

No burns

You will not find flashes or sparks on your creations.

Perfect dimensions

We compare your design with the final result and only deliver excellence.

Gold , the color of the winners

LaserBoost Quality Seal. The difference between the good and the excellent.

LaserBoost Seal of Qualitty

We master the process, control the raw material and recreate your designs with superior precision and quality.

All your pieces are inspected one by one to guarantee excellent finish and a perfect correlation between our manufacturing, your files and your options.

We make sure that all your creations are worthy of the LaserBoost Quality Seal.

You will find our Quality Seal on all your creations.

Maximum quality. Minimum environmental impact

At LaserBoost we fight climate change and global warming by seeking more sustainable resources and reducing waste from our operations. We understand that the supreme reality of our planet is its vulnerability. 


Our raw materials 100% safe and free of dangerous agents.


In our processes all the remaining material is destroyed in a controlled manner and recycled according to its type and condition.


We reduce the volume of our packaging at every opportunity and use only 100% recyclable materials.

Good planets are hard to find - let's take care of this one.

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