For all orders with bending process or Premium Shiny finish placed between 7/27 and 8/31, its production will begin the first week of September.

Geometry designs meets unlimited accuracy in laser cutting

corte láser coche

The automotive industry, with its demanding quality standards, aims to ensure that the end customer, the vehicle buyer, enjoys a product where everything fits perfectly. Traditional processes can achieve good or very good tolerance and fit values, but this is not always enough. This is where laser cutting technology comes in to achieve the extra […]

What is Vibranium? Marvel Science for noobs in less than 250 words. [Part 2]

que es el vibranium

What is Vibranium? The Vibranium is an abundant (fictional) resource in the kingdom of Wakanda, It is commonly associated with Black Panther who is the ruler of Wakanda and also associated with Captain America’s shield. Origin Vibranium is a rare metal said to have gotten on planet by way of a meteorite landing on earth […]

Good news, everyone!


Our boss is the customer Hello! At LaserBoost we understand that our boss is the customer. If he complains about something, we listen to him, if he needs something, we provide it, and a sale is a good sale, only if the customer come back and uses our services again. It may seem like easy […]

Top Aluminum Producing Countries [2017-2018]

países con producción de aluminio

Aluminum producing countries Globally, there is a very high demand for aluminum both industrially and for domestic uses. This is due to its electrical conductivity, lightweight, strength, abundance, and high resistance. Producing aluminum is quite cheap also. Besides oxygen and silicon, aluminum is the most abundant element on earth. In fact, aluminum accounts for 8% […]

What is Adamantium? Marvel Science for noobs in less than 250 words. [Part 1]

que es el adamantium

What is Adamantium? If you’ve ever watched or read a single episode of the X-Men comics then you’re probably familiar with Adamantium. Adamantium is the element that Wolverine’s famous retractable claws are made from, it is also used in making Ultron shell, Sabretooth and lady Deathstrikes skeletons and claws, X-23s claws and the Russians body. […]

Why is Stainless Steel Stainless?

el acero inoxidable no se oxida

You may have wondered why stainless steel doesn’t rust compared to some other steel. How does it protect itself from rust? Generally, metals usually corrode when they are exposed to water or oxygen. Not stainless steel. This has made it the preferred type of steel for items such as bank vaults, kitchen sinks and utensils. […]

Eureka! The blacksmith’s blog has been forged.

el blog del herrero

The blacksmith’s blog Today begins our adventure with our new blog! The blacksmith’s blog want to be a way to share knowledge, ideas, tricks, projects and news about the world of metal and LaserBoost services. At LaserBoost we are delighted to share our more than 30 years of experience with our friends, partners and customers. […]