Easy to work with,

Perfect for jewelry
and decoration

Ready for Aesthetic

Instant price, online configurator and parts in 72h.

Luxurious and golden. Now available in five wonderful finishes.

The half-hard yellow brass series is known for being easy to work with, malleable, making it perfect for crafts and DIY projects. These attributes, combined with its golden appearance, make this material one of the most desired in jewelry, decoration and architecture.

In the vibrated variant, we treat the surface with ultra-soft abrasive discs for an industrial and homogeneous finish.

For the SandBlasting finish, we shoot the surface with micro glass spheres sand at low pressure without affecting the original shape of your part, leaving the surface clean and free of imperfections.

We recommend the Brushed / Shiny finish for aesthetic applications.

This material can generate dark stains with time over the surface, external protective treatment is recommended for aesthetic applications (varnish, PVD …)


Technical designation: Brass – CuZn density 8.73 g / cm3

Available Finishes

Brass - Unfinished

Unfinished state may contain marks and scratches from the supply itself.

Brass - Vibrated

The Vibrated finish is applied on both sides of the part.

Brass - SandBlasting

The SandBlasting finish is applied on both sides of the part.

Brass - Brushed

The Brushed finish is applied to the front visible face of the part. Brushing is applied in horizontal alignment.*

Brass – Shiny

The Shiny finish is present on the visible face of the part. *

Brushed and Shiny Finish Considerations *

The Brushed and Shiny Finish will always be present on the visible side of your file. If you select the extra Aesthetic Brushing, the finish will be present on both sides.

The brushing alignment will always be horizontal, according to the position of your documents.