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Equivalence of Materials

Table of material equivalences between territorial regulations

Important and vital information to identify the material with which we will create your parts.

For advanced users or for those projects that require more technical rigor, it is necessary to know more about the material with which your parts will be manufactured.

The Table of Material Equivalences between Territorial Regulations contains the correlation between technical standards of the alloy families of the different countries. For all those countries that do not appear in the table, the European or American regulations are usually used.

The standards contain information about the chemical composition, mechanical, thermal and magnetic abilities, as well as the limits of their use. You will also find references to other regulations, for example the tolerances of supply.

Who creates these regulations?

Standards are created, approved and certified by the standards and certification agencies of each country.

Why are they so important?

Having a standard in the material with which your parts will be manufacture guarantee an international standard of quality. In this way, all manufacturers and users can be aligned with the same identity and finish condition for each material.

Can I know the characteristics of the material without consulting the standards?

Yes. On our materials page, select the material you want to know more about it. Once there, you will be able to find the main features of this material, its care, as well as its most common applications.

Table of Equivalences of Materials between Territorial Regulations.

The equivalences shown in the table are guide values and their validity is subject to our Terms and Conditions of Purchase.

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