Equivalence of Materials

Table of material equivalences between territorial regulations.

Important and vital information that perhaps you will never use.

For advanced users or for those projects that require more technical rigor, it is necessary to know more about the materials used in manufacturing.

The Table of Material Equivalences between Territorial Regulations contains information on the technical norms concerning the families of alloys for the countries in which we have significant commercial presence.

Who creates these rules?

The standards are created, approved and certified by the standards and certification body of each country.

Why are they so important?

Having materials standards with some equivalences between territories is a guarantee of quality. In this way, all manufacturers and customers can receive the same quality and finish of each material.

Why you will probably never use this table.

The rules for materials are very boring. Terribly boring, to be honest. To streamline the decision about what material to use, we have summarized the main characteristics of each material in our Materials section. If your project requires more information about the materials, see the following table to know which standard to consult.

Las equivalencias mostradas en la tabla son valores orientativos y su validez se ciñe a nuestros Términos y Condiciones de Compra.