Terms of Use and Purchase Conditions.

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The purpose of LaserBoost is to offer a service to manufacture personalized metallic goods online easily, with quality and at a fair and real price. No heavy commercials. No unnecessary waiting. No unexpected extra costs. We know what you want, we know how you want it and we love seeing you around here.


This document, Terms of Use and Conditions of Purchase, is the agreement between LaserBoost.com (hereinafter “LB”) and the beneficiary of the order (hereinafter “you” or “client / user”), whether a person by individual capacity or as representation of third parties, companies or other legal entities.



By placing an order in LB you confirm that you have read and understood all the points set out in this document and accept their application.


All information reflected in LB is subject to change. LB is not responsible for typographical errors or images as well as their misinterpretation. LB reserves the right to refuse orders resulting from such errors.


LB generates automatic prices through the documents and options that you add and select in the configurator. The prices offered by the configurator are subject to changes either due to external causes and / or internal to LB. LB reserves the right to change the amount of an order if it is affected by a programmed rate change, change in the price of the raw material, variation of transport or customs fees, market fluctuations, changes at your request via email or to an error on your part in the quote interface itself.

You understand that by accepting the conditions and making the payment, you are accepting the quote made and displayed on the web.

If LB detects an error in the price, the new amount will be notified via mail and a payment method will be provided. You will have 3 working days to accept this new price and make the payment. Otherwise the order will be rejected.


You agree to review and ensure that all files, options and data inserted in LB are correct. LB is not responsible for errors or misinterpretations of the order arising from errors in the insertion of files, options and data by you.


After the confirmation of an order in LB, a production order will automatically be generated in our facilities and the performance of a consequent work.


LB accepts payments with VISA®, MASTERCARD®, AMERCAN EXPRESS®, DISCOVER NETWORK®, DINERS CLUB® and JCB®, by Bank Transfer (SEPA) and PayPal®.

Bank Transfer – SEPA Payment is a regular bank transfer from your bank account to ours through Stripe Security Transfer. This means that it can take up to 3 business days for your bank to release the payment and up to another 3 business days to receive the  payment in our account. This payment method does not guarantee the selected delivery time.

LB only consents to transactions via deferred payments, to be made within a 30-day period from the date the order is finalized, exclusively through bank transfer. This modality is applicable only in cases where the client possesses a valid VAT Number. Additionally, the order amount must be at least 500€ ExWork (excluding transport and without the inclusion of TAX) and is subject to LB’s prior approval.

LB expressly reserves the right to require an advance payment, which in no case will exceed 30% of the total value of the order. 

The client commits to fulfilling the payment of the invoice on the pre-established date and must notify LB of the effective completion of said payment, sending the corresponding bank transfer proof to the email address info@laserboost.com.

If you detect an error in the payment process or the charge to your account, contact us through our contact section.


All orders generate a confirmation email to the address that you have indicated as a contact. If you do not receive the confirmation email within 24 hours of the completion of your order, make sure that the LB mail address is not blocked by any anti-spam filter or that the confirmation email has not ended in a directory of unwanted emails or deleted emails, such as trash. If after 24 hours you have not received or found the confirmation email, please get in touch with us through our contact section of LB. DO NOT MAKE THE ORDER AGAIN, it could generate duplication of orders and duplication of payments. Make the order again only if LB confirms this via email. If you accidentally duplicate an order, notify LB of that event IMMEDIATELY. Otherwise, both orders will be processed.


LB reserves the right to accept/reject orders. You will be notified via email, during the following 24 hours after receiving the email of automatic confirmation of the issuance of the order, of the preference taken, being able to develop the following two scenarios.


The order will begin to take shape in our facilities after said mail and will be notified of it.


Notification will be made via email of the cause of said rejection, will be informed of the measures to be taken to adapt the order for acceptance.


You have multiple shipping options depending on the urgency of the order. LB is not responsible for delays in deliveries due to agents beyond its control, including (non-exhaustive list): customs stops, security controls, weather, strikes of any sector involved, force majeure, etc. LB reserves the right to accept late deliveries as valid, indicating the cause of such late deliveries before or after the receipt of the order by the customer.


At LB, a meticulous order management process is followed to ensure that orders reach the customer on the agreed date.

However, occasionally, delivery delays may occur due to factors beyond their control, including but not limited to: customs stops, security checks, weather conditions, strikes in any involved sector, acts of God, holidays, logistical grouping, etc.

Delays will not be considered if the causes are due to the customer’s management, including but not limited to: absence of the recipient, incorrect address, order modifications after placement, etc.

In the event that the causes are attributable to LB, and the agreed delivery date is not met, the customer has a period of 2 business days after receiving the order to communicate and claim the refund of the amount paid for delivery on a specific date as follows:

– The customer may claim a refund of the delivery amount with a total of 20% per business day of delay, up to a total of 100% of the delivery amount.

Refunds will be processed as urgently as possible and always by the same method used for the original payment.


When making a purchase from LB, the customer assumes responsibility for receiving the order. If an incorrect address is provided or the destination is closed, the customer will be responsible for the costs associated with returning and reshipping the product.

If a shipment is returned, the customer will have the following options:

  1. Personally pick up the product at our facilities or arrange for a logistics company to do so at their own expense within two calendar weeks and during our business hours.

  2. Provide a valid address and pay the shipping costs, according to the rates at the time of the second shipment, to have the product reshipped to the correct address.

If the customer does not choose either of the above solutions within two calendar weeks of the return notification, the items will be recycled. A refund will not be offered in any of the above options.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the provided shipping information is accurate and complete to avoid inconveniences and additional costs.



The service provided by LB is personalized and made to order. All services are custom-made. Cancellations, modifications, and non-conformities of an order will be valid if they comply with the following terms and conditions outlined here. Please contact LB if there is any inconsistency in your order, always through our contact section. In accordance with our contractual conditions acquired after accepting the order, upon receipt of your order, the customer has a period of thirty (30) calendar days to carry out a thorough review of the items provided. If within this period, the customer determines that they are not fully satisfied with the quality or characteristics of the work executed by LB, they must immediately communicate with our customer service team via email: info@laserboost.com.

It is imperative that your communication includes the order reference number, attach relevant photographs, measurements (if necessary, and only valid if taken with an analog caliper), and provide a detailed description that substantiates the reason for your dissatisfaction or non-conformity. Once such communication is received, our team will proceed to analyze the situation and will respond within a reasonable period, in order to find a suitable and satisfactory solution for both parties.

In case of non-conformity, the client must review the entire order and report all issues at once. LB will request an explicit list of all affected models for the repetition, naming the pieces by their full name from the original affected order. No form of identification of the pieces other than their initial coding will be accepted, nor comments that may create uncertainty (e.g., “the other one,” “the good one,” “the attached one,” “the symmetrical one,” among others). Only one manufacturing order for repetition will be made, so claims for anomalies detected after the first non-conformity request will not be accepted.

In the event of a non-conformity, the outcomes can be classified as positive or negative:

In the scenario of a positive outcome, LB commits to offering a suitable solution, which may include the replacement of the parts, the refund of the amount paid, or a discount voucher for future orders, on the amount of the non-conforming parts. LB may require the customer to return the defective parts; in such a case, LB will assume the shipping costs. This will be made effective by presenting the shipping invoice by the customer, or through a refund upon delivery to cover the costs adequately. Moreover, LB might request the customer to proceed with the recycling of the non-conforming parts on their own if it is deemed appropriate.

In the case of a negative outcome, LB will exercise its right to defense based on, but not limited to, the terms and conditions outlined here, manufacturing tolerances, design guides, warnings issued by the staff, email communications, and any other information that the customer may have access to. This approach ensures that both LB and the customer have clarity on the procedures to follow, and the responsibilities involved in the process of managing non-conformities.


LB reserves the right to cancel orders in which, for economic, technical or other reasons, are impossible to perform.


LB reserves the right to cancel orders, in which case, we will proceed to the full refund of the paid amount.


The service offered by LB is customised. All services are tailor-made. The cancellation of an order by the customer will entail the total, partial or null refund of the amount of the order. The amount of the refund will be equivalent to the total amount of the order, except for the materials and processes already carried out. The extent and amount of the cancellation will be assessed by means of photographs of the materials and processes already used/performed. The customer agrees to accept such charges due to the cancellation of the order which shall be in accordance with the terms set out in this document. An order cancellation by the customer will be valid after confirmation of the cancellation by e-mail or telephone.


The service offered by LB is personalized and made to order. All services are made to measure. The rejection or modification by you of an order will proceed to the total or partial refund of the amount of the order. This amount will reflect the total charge of the order, except for the production processes already carried out. The scope of said rejection or modification will be assessed and the amount to be returned via email will be communicated to the client user. You agree to accept those charges due to rejection or modification of the order.


LB reserves the right to make a productive proposal (or alternative) in the parts of the orders. The affected items and the proposal for each of them, as well as the reason for such proposal, will be notified by e-mail. Upon acceptance by you, the amount due for the change will be readjusted if necessary.

A modification of an order may alter the delivery time.

An order modification by LB will be valid after the customer confirms it by e-mail or telephone.


The service offered by LB is customised and made to order. All services are tailor-made. If the customer modifies an order, the status of the order will be checked. The scope and amount of the modification will be assessed by means of photographs of the materials and processes already used/performed. The customer agrees to accept the charges due to the modification of the order, which shall be in accordance with the terms set out in this document.

A modification of an order may alter the delivery time.

An order modification by the customer shall be valid after confirmation of the order by e-mail or telephone.


We love orders with a high number of units, but we want to make sure we are doing things right before starting to produce large batches. LB reserves the right to pause an order where the technical difficulty or the number of units is greater than usual. LB may propose via mail to the client user to carry out a manufacturing test prior to the original order. The amount of this test phase will be different depending on each case.



LB reserves the right not to manufacture parts with missing specifications. Orders with missing specifications will be put on hold until the customer indicates how to proceed.

LB reserves the right to proceed with a production if the only missing specification in the order is the finish. LB will choose the finish.


LB uses safe, standardised and fully identity certified materials. LB complies with the manufacture of orders with material of the same identity as shown in the material selection in the order configuration.



All materials used by LB are subject to tolerances and variations related to the manufacturing, handling and storage of the material supply itself. You are aware of the existence of typical variations of metals in the mentioned points, which may affect the following characteristics (non-exhaustive list): colour, thickness, weight, hardness, composition, texture, roughness, density, elastic modulus, thermal conductivity, thermal expansion coefficient, electrical resistance, melting point, oxidation resistance, magnetic capacity, torsion and chemical reactivity among others.


The fluctuating tolerances of these characteristics are aligned with the standards of the international standard of identity for the sub-supply of that material or alloy. You can consult this identity in our Table of material equivalences between territorial standards.


LB follows a strict and rigorous maintenance and calibration of our machines and tools, being able to manufacture parts with full control.

LB is not responsible for the following production cases that are beyond the control of our machines, processes and plant logistics:

  • 3.4.1. – HEAT CURVATURE: Our laser process generates a temperature increase in the parts during cutting. It is possible that the flatness of the part is affected by this. This may be caused by a design with a high cutting density and/or an inadequate thickness for the design. LB is not responsible if the customer’s choice of material and design can cause this effect.
  • 3.4.2. – DEFORMATION IN FINISHES: Our finishes generate heat and mechanical pressure on the parts. Small, delicate, thin parts or parts made of soft materials may be affected.
    In the specific case of sandblasted finishing; this process adds pressure and temperature, parts with weak and detailed geometries, or made of soft materials can suffer deformations in their flatness and geometry. For recommendations on finishing, you can contact LB. LB is not responsible for the customer’s choice of material and design that may generate this effect.
  • 3.4.3. – INTERNAL STRESS: The laminated material has internal manufacturing stresses that can cause a part to have a lack of flatness along its length. E.g.: A strip of 2000 mm x 5mm. LB will place your part in the same position as the orientation it has in your file, placing the laminate of the sheet horizontally. LB is not responsible for the customer’s choice of material and design that may generate this effect.
  • 3.4.4. – BACK SIDE: When manufacturing with Natural finish (or 2B or “unfinished”) or in parts without a specific back finish: The customer is aware and accepts the existence of burrs, marks from the supply itself, sparks, dark areas among other imperfections.
  • 3.4.5. – CUT IN / CUT OUT: Laser technology needs a start and end cutting point for each of the contours of the part. It is at these points where the entry or “microjoint” can appear, a small protrusion from the part, between 0.2 mm and 0.45 mm. The customer is aware and accepts the existence of this small irregularity. The “microjoint” can be removed by our production team if it interferes with subsequent processes. Additionally, LB is not obligated to follow the same pattern in future orders. The customer can request the removal of the “microjoint” or that it be placed in a specific area of the piece’s outline. This request may or may not be accompanied by a price adjustment.
  • 3.4.6. – EDGE FINISHES: LB uses the most suitable gas for laser cutting for each alloy and material thickness. The edges may have different shades between parts of the same order or between different orders, as well as variations in the perpendicularity of the cut.
  • 3.4.7. – MINIMUM OPERATIBILITY RADIUS IN LASER CUTTING: LB cutting technology cannot produce edges with a live edge finish (no radius). In cases where there is no specific radius on edges of the customer’s design, an automatic radius of 0.2 mm can be applied if necessary.
  • 3.4.8. – DEFORMATIONS AND FOLDING WRINKLE: During the bending operation, it is possible the casual generation of deformations at the ends of the folds. These are accentuated on closed angles and the greater the thickness is. If their removal is not specified in some request – and accepted, the customer is aware and accepts the existence of this small irregularity. The removal of this kind of imperfections may require an additional payment.
  • 3.4.9. – MINIMUM FOLDING LENGTH (or HEIGHT) MEASUREMENTS: Our bending process has a minimum bending length value; this is mandatory in order to perform a correctly operation. For safety reasons we require a minimum flange height according to the thickness of the part, these values can be find in our design guidelines for laser cutting and bending. The customer is aware and accepts the existence of irregularities in the fold if it does not meet with the above specifications.
  • 3.4.10. – MINIMUM DISTANCE BETWEEN BEND AND CUTTING ELEMENTS: During the bending process the areas close to the bend undergo compression and expansion. Any geometry within these zones may suffer deformations. For quality reasons, your designs need to meet with a minimum distance between the end of folding and cutting geometries according to thickness, these are indicated in our design guidelines for parts with laser cutting and bending. The customer is aware and accepts the existence of irregularities if this does not meet the above specifications.
  • 3.4.11. – TOLERACE ACCUMULATION BEND: During the bending process, the manufacturing tolerance is distributed among the bends. This effect is present in complex bending parts or parts with several number of bends, specially when the bending angle are far from the 90° value. The customer is aware and accepts that LB reserves the choice of distribution of the tolerance accumulation on the bend that facilitates the production. The customer can indicate which part size is most important to preserve when placing the order.

  • 3.4.12. – FILES WITH MULTIPLE DESIGNS: LB reserves the right not to accept orders with files containing more than a single design. A single design is understood as one that is not joined to others, also known as multi-piece or nesting. Similarly, designs that attempt to connect multiple pieces using fine geometries that complicate production will receive the same treatment. If LB detects an order with files containing multiple designs, they may request a price adjustment from the customer. After communicating with the customer, LB may proceed to manufacture and deliver these pieces without separating them by models, contained within the scrap that holds them and with multiple microjoins on the contour of the piece.


LB offers a wide variety of finishes and options for the manufacture of metal parts. The customer is aware of and accepts the following aesthetic aspects on his parts.

  • 3.5.1. – GENERAL: The parts manufactured by LB take shape through a multi-stage industrial process. LB is concerned about the cleanliness of the products manufactured in its facilities. Even so, a production in which the products may contain: dust, dirt, fingerprints or stains, among others, will be considered as valid.
  • 3.5.2. – NATURAL FINISH: Also called 2B or without specific or factory finish. This finish may contain imperfections and marks on the exposed face such as: scratches, marks, fingerprints or shadows among others.
  • 3.5.3. – PREMIUM BRUSHED FINISH (applicable to one or two sides): The finish shall be applied on the sides indicated in the configurator. It does not include the edges of the part. The direction of the brushing is always horizontal with respect to the position of the part in the file.
  • 3.5.4. – PREMIUM BRILLIANT FINISH (applicable to one or two sides): The finish is applied on the sides indicated in the configurator. It does not include the edges of the part.
  • 3.5.5. – BRILLIANT / BRILLIANT FINISH WITH PROTECTIVE FILM: The finish is applied on the front side of the part. The parts shall be delivered with the protective film attached, this can be removed manually.
  • 3.5.6. – VIBRATED FINISH: The vibrated finish is applied on both sides of the part. It does not include the edges of the part.
  • 3.5.7. – SANDBLAST FINISH: Sandblasted finish is applied on both sides of the part. The edges are affected by defect in the process. This is not an aesthetic finish, but a cleaning and surface roughness generation finish. On parts larger than 100 mm x 100 mm, the finish may contain shadows or irregularities in the shade. The finish is equally efficient with or without the regular visual appearance.
  • 3.5.8. – BENDING MARKS: During the bending process, the piece is subjected to tons of pressure to bend the geometry to the desired angle. The contact between the die, the punch, and the piece can cause bending marks, especially but not exclusively on soft materials like aluminum, copper, or brass. The customer is aware of and accepts the existence of bending marks up to 30% of the sheet’s thickness. If the piece has a finish, including but not limited to, premium polishing or brushing, the bending marks may still be visible.
  • 3.5.9. – PUNCH AND DIE ENDING MARKS AND DEFORMATIONS IN BENDING: The bending offered by LB is by the “air bending” technique. LB have punches and dies of standard size to perform the bending. If the fold geometry does not ease the extraction of punches or dies laterally (tray, box or closed folding), the customer is aware and accepts the existence of end of folding marks. E.g. If a bending length of 173mm is required and LB has 170mm punches, there will be 1.5mm on each side without peeling. The part will have the correct shape and will not affect its functionality, but the marks can be visible. Generally, LB will be able to fold avoiding these marks mentioned in folds multiples of 5 (e.g. 100mm, 105mm, 110mm, etc.).


  • 3.5.10 – OIL RESIDUE AFTER MACHINING: If your part contains threads, there may be oil residue due to the machining process. This can affect the aesthetics of the part if a specific finish is required. LB will remove excess oil with a dry cloth. Despite these efforts, the use and excess of oil within the threads during machining is inevitable, which may leave residue on the finished part.


LB keeps all its equipment calibrated and under a strict maintenance program.

  • 3.4.1. – CUTTING TOLERANCES: Linear cutting tolerances in the X and Y axes are ±0.15 mm on sheet thicknesses between 0.1 mm~3 mm and ±0.3 mm on sheet thicknesses between 3 mm~8 mm.
  • 3.4.2. – BENDING TOLERANCES: The regular bending tolerances are ±0.5mm per fold in thicknesses of 0.1mm~3mm and ±0.8mm in sheet thicknesses between 3mm~8mm. E.g. A 2mm thick part that in the same direction accumulates 3 folds, its maximum measurements will be within a tolerance of ±1.5mm (3 x ±0.5mm).
  • 3.4.3. – TOLERANCE COMPLIANCE EXCEPTIONS: LB ensures compliance with tolerances for those materials with Natural (or without finish designation), Vibratory and Protective Film finishes. The customer understands, is aware and accepts that the other finishes may generate a distortion in the part higher than the cutting and bending tolerance, due to the mechanical pressure and temperature to which the part is subjected during the production of the most aesthetic finishes.

LB ensures the tolerances in those parts that comply with the minimum safe manufacturing dimensions shown in the design guide. Some examples (indicative and non-exhaustive list) are: Minimum diameter of holes or minimum distance between part contours, among others.



You are aware that LB has no control over the design, use and misuse of the goods generated by the LB service.

You have the responsibility to create a functional and safe design, insert it, if that is your purpose, into appropriate devices and safe equipment to safeguard the end user or other persons and properties against damages arising from their use, operation or particular configuration, and to properly comply with all federal, state, and local laws, rules, regulations, and safety regulations, and all industry safety standards.

Additionally, it is your responsibility to review the manufacturing carried out by LB to validate the correct performance of its purpose, validating the factors: Including but not limited to: Manufacturing defects, material defects, mechanical resistance in general and all other factors that may affect your final purpose LB will not be responsible in any way for the consequences or results obtained through the use of the LB website or its products.

LB will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by you or by any other party as a result of the design, manufacture, use, misuse, installation or application of the custom parts. In addition, LB shall be exempt from liability and liability charges for any claim arising out of, related to or related to the use, installation or application of the custom parts.


The goods arising from the LB service are not intended for sale as parts, components or assemblies for the construction, maintenance, operation or use of nuclear facilities or weapon systems, nor for use in flight, navigation, communication or support equipment, parts of aircraft, used in a medical system, life support equipment or any application where the failure or malfunction of said part manufactured by LB could cause personal injury, by itself or its use in other applications or assemblies. You agree that, if you use the goods of the LB service for such purposes, you do so at your own discretion and at your own risk and responsibility, and that LB is not responsible for any claim or damage arising from such use. In addition, LB shall be exempt from liability and liability charges for any claim arising out of, related to or related to the use, installation or application of the custom parts.


LB can offer help and advice to your questions, as well solving errors in the data, files and options sent to the LB configurator. You assume full responsibility for the application, or not, of the correction proposed by LB, and accept as your own and under your responsibility the design of the new resulting part.



You warrant and declare that the manufacturing designs and other information related to the order, are original and of your property, designed and created by you or with the consent of the original author, that alone or incorporated into any system, product, device, device or mechanism, do not infringe or violate any right (including, among others, patent rights, copyrights or trade secrets) of any third party. In addition, it guarantees and declares that the designs do not infringe or violate any law, code or local, state, federal or international regulation. In addition, LB shall be exempt from liability and liability charges for any claim arising out of, related to or related to the use, installation or application of the custom parts.


You will retain all privacy rights of all information sent to info@laserboost.com or uploaded by any channel to our platform. You understand and accept that LB may disclose to its employees and third parties the information necessary to provide services related to the creation, sending and correction of technical problems of your order. Your personal information will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.



The Spanish version of these Terms of Use and Conditions of Purchase is the legally binding version in case of any inconsistency between the Spanish version and any translation into another language.


The Terms of Use and Conditions of Purchase can not be waived or modified in any way, except by LB and in writing. This clause of “non-oral modification” can not be waived, except for a written instrument signed by LB or the modification of these terms

LB reserves the right to modify this binding document to the orders, Terms of Use and Conditions of Purchase, without prior notice, either as per periodic review of the same or by a specific casuistry. The version of Terms of Use and Conditions of Purchase that will be applied to an order will be the one in force on the date of its processing.


This binding document, Terms of Use and Conditions of Purchase, has been reviewed on the date indicated below, leaving any version with an earlier date obsolete and unenforceable.

LaserBoost™, rev. 3D-1 30/05/2022.

​LaserBoost.com™. All Rights Reserved.

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