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Frequently asked questions with answers based on users experiences feedback.

We want you to have the best and easiest shopping experience with us. But we know that you may have some doubts. We show here the most frequently asked questions ordered thematically.


What is LaserBoost and how does it work?

LaserBoost is the online laser cutting service ready for the 21st century. Upload your parts to our configurator, choose from a large selection of materials, get your price instantly and order instantly. In our facilities, lasers with the highest precision that technology offers, will cut your parts in record time and without delay. All this mixed with worldwide shipping and e-commerce logistics offers you the possibility of manufacturing in the quantity you need in a comfortable way.

I have doubts, how do I contact you?

You can contact us by email, info@laserboost.com or through our contact form.


Where are you located?

In Barcelona, ​​Spain.

You rock! Where do I follow you?

Wow thank you! Follow us on Instagram, Tweeter, Facebook & Linkedin.

What materials and thicknesses do you cut?

Our service is based on cutting metal-based materials. You can see our materials stock, thicknesses and finishes here

Materials and Thicknesses

Can I send you a material to get cut my parts from it?

At LaserBoost we only work with materials from our certified suppliers. A safe and controlled material ensures a part with a perfect cut with an exceptional finish. We currently do not accept customer materials.

Can you cut other materials than metals?

Not yet. Our facilities are designed to cut only metal-based materials. You can see our offer of materials, thicknesses and finishes here.

Do you provide quality certificates of the materials?

We are working at the moment to make the download of the certificate of characterization of the material used for your parts automatic, it will be available shortly!

Do you offer any protection or coating of the material? (PVD, Anodized, varnish ...)

No, we cannot carry out any protection or coating process at our facilities. We recommend contacting a local supplier.

What are the tolerances of the materials?

All our materials complies with the European standard for the supply of sheet metal for the specific material. You can check them here. Some finishes, such as Brushed, glossy or sandblasting (microblasting) can alter these measurements, others -0.1 / -0.15mm.


What is the maximum cut size?

In our configurator we accept parts up to 1000 x 1000 mm. If you need bigger parts, contact us here.


What is the minimum cut size?

We are able to manufacture parts with sizes from 5 x 5 mm.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of parts per order?

No, we take orders of 1 to more than 10,000 parts. No minimum order, exactly the quantity you need.


In addition to cutting, do you do laser engraving, sheet metal bending or welding?

No, we cannot carry out any engraving, folding or welding process at our facilities. We recommend contacting a local supplier.

What cutting tolerances do you work with?

Our cutting tolerance is ± 0.15mm for thicknesses up to 1.5mm and ± 0.2mm for thicknesses above. Some finishes, such as Brushed, glossy or sandblasting (microblasting) can alter these measurements by others ± 0.1mm.

How will I receive my parts?

We pack your parts immobilizing them, using rigid materials to prevend shocks or movements during the shipping and only using recyclable materials. The shape of packaging varies according to the volume of your parts, you will identify our works by seeing our logo on the packaging.


Can I place an order without having a user account?

Yes, you can place an order without any limitation with no user account, even if you are a company and you need an invoice. In addition, after payment we will give you the option to create an account with your data with just one click.

I don't remember my password, how do I recover it?

No problem, click here to recover your password.

I want to remove a presonal design from my user account, how do I proceed?

If you placed the order with a user account, you must go to the user panel> Designs and click on "Delete" next to the design you want to delete. This process cannot be undone.

Is my personal data safe?

Of course, at LaserBoost we have optimal privacy management, we operate with a high level of security to offer a private user account, secure payments and ultra-encrypted storage.

My user account is not verified. What does it mean?

At LaserBoost you can place orders with no user account. If you want to see your past orders placed with no user account on your current user account, just click on “Send a verification email” button. You will receive an email, click on the “Click Here to Verify Your Email Address” button. All ready.

All Orders, invoices and designs done with the same email account will be recovered.


What is a quote?

A quote is the easiest way to download the price of your project and be able to load it as soon as you are ready to proceed with the order. Load your parts, configure them, click on the bottom "Download quote in PDF" and you're done. The quote are valid for 1 month from the creation date.

Where can I load my quote to place the order?

You can load and proceed with your quote at the bottom of our parts loading page. Introduce your Quote Code there.

My quote has expired. Can I get it back?

No, due to material price fluctuation, we are only able to keep a quote price for one month. To have a the quote valid again, you will have to create it again.


When will I recive my order?

During the payment process we offer several deadlines for the delivery of your order, that is the maximum date on which you will receive it. The delivery date may be altered without prior notice for reasons beyond LaserBoost's control, such as weather conditions, political situations or other major causes.

Do you ship to my country?

Yes, we ship worldwide.

Can I pick up my order at your facilities?

Currently our facilities are not open to the public. All our material, whatever its size and weight will be sent by transport services.

I have placed an order but I have not received any confirmation or indication email. How do I proceed?

Check the incoming mailbox of the contact email you indicated, as well as the junk / spam folder. If after 20 minutes after placing the order you have not received any communication from LaserBoost, please contact us here.


I have placed an order with wrong information. what I do?

No problem, contact us here and tell us your order number and the changes you want to make.



What digital formats do you accept?

Thanks to our regular updates, our platform support more different formats every day. You can see all of them, download an example of each one and see information on how to prepare your files here.

Design Guidelines

How do I get my files ready for your configurator?

There are 3 basic rules, 1 - Your files must be in real scale (1:1) in millimeters or inches, 2 - Each part will be in a different file, one part per file and 3 - The drawing need to be free from drawing tempaltes, indications and other non esential part geomtry. You can see more detailed information here.

Design Guidelines

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes, of course. In our configurator you can choose the amount of parts you need, You will see that when the number of units increases, the price per unit decreases, all in real time.

Do I need to draw my parts with some offset value? (Kerf)

No, your files must only needs to meet with our design guide. It states that the cutting offset is 0.00mm, that is, you must send the document of the exact part you want to receive. Kerf = 0.00mm.

Design Guidelines

I have problems uploading a file.

No problem, we are here to help you , contact us here and tell us what is happening.

Contact us


What payment methods do you accept?

During the payment you can choose between payment by PayPal, Card Through PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discovery or American Express, as well as Wire transfer.

I will place the order as a company, how do I obtain the invoice?

After placing an order you will receive in your contact email the Order Confirmation email, with this email will be attached the invoice. Also, if you have a user account, you will find all invoices in Your Profile> Order and quotes, ready to download.

How does the Wire Transfer - SEPA payment method works?

Wire Transfer - SEPA is a regular wire transfer from your bank account to ours through the Stripe platform. Like any other wire transfer between entities, your bank may take up to 3 business days to release the payment and up to another 2 business days to receive the actual payment in our account. Once we receive the payment you will be notified, is in this moment when the production will begin.

To proceed with Wire Transfer - SEPA, choose Wire Transfer - SEPA in the selection of payment methods during the check out.

This payment does not guarantee the delivery deadline, which may take 4 to 6 extra business days.

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