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Online Laser Cutting In Galvanized Steel

Technical designation

DX51+Z275, 1.0226, St. 02 Z275

Available thicknesses


Galvanized steel – DX51 Z275



Main features

  • Galvanized finish in both faces. Crystalline surface appearance with gray and silver tones, with galvanic protection of 275 g/m2.

  • Good corrosion resistance.

  • Easy to shape with tools, ready for welding operations.

  • Surface finish and thickness tolerance according to EN 10143.

Appearance of Galvanized Steel Finishes

Corte láser Acero Galvanizado DX51 Z275

Galvanized Steel DX51 Z275 – Unfinished

Unfinished factory-source finish. Front side can contain smooth scratches. Back Side can contain burrs and scratches from cutting process. Back-Side deburring process available in part configurator.

Galvanized Steel

– Factory-Protection included.

Galvanized steel, recognizable by its different shades of gray, guarantees greater environmental resistance without the need for surface treatments. At Laserboost we are specialists in galvanized steel cutting, design and fabrication.

Our galvanized steel is small star, its coating is 275 g/m2 or 20µm per side.

The classic applications for galvanized steel are generally those that need protection against humidity, oxidation and environmental contamination: outdoor structures, light points, machinery parts, water system supports, covers, all types of parts where a material with protection for the exterior with typical properties of steel is sought.

If you want to know more about laser cutting of galvanized steel or laser cutting of galvanized sheet metal, please contact us.

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