Technical designation

1.4301, X5CrNi 18 10, AISI 304L
1.4401, X2CrNi 17 13, AISI 316L

Avaible thicknesses

0.5mm 1.0mm 1.2mm 1.5mm
2.0mm 3.0mm 4.0mm 5.0mm
0.5mm 1.0mm 1.2mm
1.5mm 2.0mm 3.0mm
4.0mm 5.0mm 6.0mm
0.5mm 1.0mm
1.2mm 1.5mm
2.0mm 3.0mm
4.0mm 5.0mm


Stainless Steel 304
Stainless Steel 316


Unfinished (2B), Vibrated, SandBlasted, Brushed (1S) and Shiny (BA).

Main features

  • The 304 variant have a good resistance against oxidation.The 316 alloy is special for high corrosion or marine environments.

  • Ease of forming using tools, both alloys are good for welding operations.

  • This material is strong, hard and is not attracted by magnets.

  • Aesthetic finishes available for this material.

  • Surface finish and thickness tolerance according to EN 10131

Appearance of Stainless Steel finishes

Stainless Steel

The Unfinished variant (2B) offers a smooth surface, this may contain slight scratches from the supply itself.

Stainless Steel -

Unfinished variant (2B) with vibration process, it is applied on both sides of the part with a 120 grit.

Stainless Steel - SandBlasted

Unfinished variant (2B) with sandblasting process, applied on both sides of the part. We use glass microspheres as abrasive.

Stainless Steel -

The Brushed finish (1S) is delivered with 320 grit, the finish is present on the visible face of the part. Brushing is horizontal. *

Stainless Steel –

The Shiny (BA) finish is present on the visible face of the part. *

Brushed and Shiny Finish Considerations *

The Brushed and Shiny Finish will always be present on the visible side of your file. If you select the extra Aesthetic Brushing. The finish will be present on both sides.

The brushing alignment will always be horizontal, acording to the position of your documents.

The Brushed (1S) and Shiny (BA) finishes will be delivered with protective plastic layer on the front face of the design. On the back one the finish will be Unfinished (2B).

Select the Aesthetic Shiny Finish extra for a high end polishing post- process on both sides.

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Stainless Steel

–  Resistant to everything. Irresistible to the eyes.

We have 304 alloy, perfect for most applications, and 316, ideal for high corrosive or marine environments.

Stainless Steel is an easily weldable material, ready to be cold formed, rigid, very durable, clean and is not attracted by magnets.

In the vibrated variant we polish both faces with abrasive discs, offering an industrial non-directional homogeneous finish.

About the SandBlasted finish, we operate at low pressure with glass micro spheres sand without affecting the original shape of your part, leaving the surface clean and free of imperfections.

For a more aesthetic part we recommend the Brushed or Shiny finish. This finish is present on the front face of your file. If you select the extra aesthetic finish, your part will be polished after being cut on both sides.

Stainless steel has a wide range of applications, including: parts for home appliances , vehicle parts, assemblies for outdoors, general equipment for industry , parts for machines of chemical and food sector, jewelry, signage, decorative letters, maker projects (DIY) and all kinds of applications where a solid, resistant parts with an optimal natural protection against environmental oxidation and corrosion are needed.

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