A great step for your project. A big leap for your ideas.

Machinery and service at the forefront of the industry mixed with the experience of a lifetime.

For those projects that need to take a step beyond laser cutting, we offer you our advanced manufacturing center. CAD/CAM technologies combined with 21st-century machinery and experienced personnel. We are experts in the manufacturing of metallic goods with superior quality at a competitive price.

This page seeks to connect with jobs, projects and businesses that need special operations. For your customized laser cut, go to the main page or directly to the parts configurator.

Total industrialization

Productive solutions that make sense​.​

We contribute to your idea. We are experts in finding solutions for the production of metallurgical goods while reducing the manufacturing cost without affecting the original purpose or design.

​We develop custom projects, and we take care of your project from start to finish.

Cutting and engraving systems

Cutting power combined with an agile manufacturing system.​

We alternate between our machines according to the needs of our costumer.

We cut and engrave sheet metal with fiber laser up to 1500x3000mm and 12mm thick and perform cutting and shaping with punching machines up to 2mm thick. We also have a hydraulic shear system.


Many people "glue" iron. We weld metal.

Our team all have European certifications in technical welding. We offer welding of all types of alloys using TIG and MIG/MAG.

We practice spot welding using electrodes and all kinds of welding accessories, such as DIN 32501 bolts or DIN 929 nuts.

Sheet metal bending

Transforming flat parts into complex geometric shapes.

Sheet metal folding with ultimate CNC folding machines with punches and dies prepared for all types of radii and folds. Curved sheets with our precision roller.

Milling works

Where precision knows no limit.

Machining centers with tolerances of the 21st-century, milling high precision CNC and profile cutting with automated saw.

Tube bending

Designs according to your imagination.

Curved and flanged tubes and mechanical profiles of different alloys and radii. We have yast experience in manufacturing mechanical tubes for the automotive industry and the railway sector.


Now your parts fly higher than ever.

Professional polishes with natural finish, mirror or satin and micrograin (sandblasting) with glass microspheres.

Industrial paint techniques using high-quality, liquid or powder paints with matt or gloss finishes with smooth texture or micro textured.

Accessories and assembly

Small details make the difference.

Assembly of components and accessories with final packaging. We guarantee the safety of your products during transport.

Contact us now-let's start manufacturing.

Explain your needs and projects. We will evaluate the best productive option and contact you as soon as possible.

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