Available Materials

All of them in stock with different thicknesses and finishes. We only use safe materials to achieve perfect results.

We keep the raw material in dry and protected places, preserving them from weather conditions. We thus avoid the appearance of rust and contamination between alloys. We only use premium quality metals from leading manufacturers from Northern Europe.

Always in stock and in optimal condition.

Carbon steel

It stands out for its ease of being cold formed. Attracted by magnets and inexpensive, perfect to be painted

Available in Unfinished, Vibrated and SandBlasting Finishes

Galvanized steel

This Steel with its galvanized natural layer guarantees greater environmental resistance without the need for surface treatments.

Available in Unfinished State

Stainless steel

The most versatile material of all, with high mechanical performance properties, ready for outdoors and super aesthetic applications.

Available in Unfinished state, Brushed, Shiny, Vibrated and SandBlasting Finishes.


The metal known for its low density and remarkable mechanical qualities. Perfect for being machined or cold forming.

Available in Unfinished State, Brushed, Vibrated and SandBlasting Finishes.


Reddish in appearance, perfect electrical conductor and malleable. Perfect for both technical and decorative applications.

Available in Unfinished, Brushed, Shiny, Vibrated and Sandblasting Finishes


Malleable with a golden appearance. Perfect for aesthetic applications such as jewelry and signages, for an affordable price.

Available in Unfinished, Brushed, Shiny, Vibrated and SandBlasting Finishes

Sample Pack

Discover our most popular materials closely, now for only € 12.95 with fast shipping.

Samples included:

corte laser metal

Galvanized Steel
Thickness - 1.5mm

Brushed Aluminium
Thickness - 1.5mm

Stainless Steel
Thickness - 2mm (Pocket tool)

Carbon Steel
Thickness - 3mm

Approximate measurements of each sample: 120mm x 120mm