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Technical designation

DC01, 1.0330, CRS CR4, St 12 (Thicknesses from 0.5mm to 3mm)

DD11, 1.0038, S235JR, StW22 (Thicknesses from 4mm to 6mm)

Avaible Thicknesses

vinetado materiales 1.0mmvinetado materiales 1.2mmvinetado materiales 1.5mmvinetado materiales 2.0mm
vinetado materiales 3.0mmvinetado materiales 4.0mmvinetado materiales 5.0mmvinetado materiales 6.0mm
vinetado materiales 1.0mmvinetado materiales 1.2mmvinetado materiales 1.5mm
vinetado materiales 2.0mmvinetado materiales 3.0mmvinetado materiales 4.0mm
vinetado materiales 5.0mmvinetado materiales 6.0mm 
vinetado materiales 1.0mm vinetado materiales 1.2mm
vinetado materiales 1.5mm vinetado materiales 2.0mm
vinetado materiales 3.0mm vinetado materiales 4.0mm
vinetado materiales 5.0mm vinetado materiales 6.0mm


Carbon Steel – DC01

Carbon Steel – DD11


Unfinished, Vibrated and Sandblasted.

Main features

  • Cold rolled supply for thicknesses from 0.5mm to 3mm and hot rolled (pickled) for thicknesses from 4mm to 6mm.

  • Ease of forming using tools, both alloys are good for welding operations.

  • Great properties for low cost.

  • Surface finish and thickness tolerance for alloy DC01: EN 10131, for DD11: EN 10111

Appearance of Carbon Steel Finishes

Acero al Carbono DC01 o DD11

Carbon Steel
Unfinished DC01 or DD11

Unfinished factory-source finish. Front side can contain smooth scratches. Back Side can contain burrs and scratches from cutting process. Back-Side deburring process available in part configurator.
Corte láser hierro vibrado

Carbon Steel
Vibrated DC01 or DD11

Unfinished variant with vibration process, it is applied on both sides of the part with a smooth grain.

Corte láser acabado hierro sand

Carbon Steel
SandBlasted DC01 or DD11

Unfinished variant with sandblasting process, it is applied on both sides of the part. We use glass microspheres as abrasive.

Carbon Steel

– Magnetic, dark, a tough guy, the king of the industry.

Carbon steel stands out for its ease of being cold formed , welded, machined and its good behavior to be shaped . Available with cold rolled for thicknesses from 0.5mm to 3mm and hot rolled (pickled) for thicknesses greater than 3mm.

Get a fine, smooth finish with the Vibrated Carbon Steel variant, free from oils and deep marks.

We have the SandBlasting variant, designed to clean both faces of the part and leave a homogeneous finish, perfect for subsequent painting jobs.

This material can oxidize or generate dark tones on its surface over time. Its protection is recommended for aesthetic applications (varnish, lacquer …)

The most common applications of Carbon Steel are industrial in general; parts for machinery, vehicle parts, structures for the construction projects, maker projects – DIY, signages, decorative letters and all kinds of parts where you look for a material resistant, good toughness and an affordable material.

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