About LaserBoost Plates. 

A service fully dedicated to the /r/mechanicalkeyboards community.

We  Keyboards.

LaserBoost, the online metal works company, in collaboration with true mechanical keyboard experts introduce the Custom Mechanical Keyboard Plates service. This service offers an open source repository of some of the most commonly used mechanical keyboard plates, ready to download or order. All plates in one place. 

It Takes Both Sides to Build a Bridge .

We could never have done this alone. Meet the mechanical keyboard enthusiasts who are collaborating with LaserBoost, making the open source plates library bigger every day.


Builder. Content creator. Hoarder. ISO evangelist. Self confessed keebaholic, with a penchant for unusual materials and collecting custom boards and keysets.

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Discord: Jae-3soteric#1085


'I've been on the fringes of the community for some 5 years but heavily involved about 18 months. A serial 40%, DSA and linear fanatic, that's branching into 60 and GMK. I like thin lubes, and long walks by the beach.'

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Discord: ChrisSwires#7130


Back in 2016, I got my first mechanical keyboard. Shortly after that I started tinkering with them, and now I’m designing them. I do plate design for the fellas next to me and have a few too many keyboards myself.

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Discord: Maarten#3065

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