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At LaserBoost we understand that our boss is the customer. If he complains about something, we listen to him, if he needs something, we provide it, and a sale is a good sale, only if the customer come back and uses our services again.

It may seem like easy talking, but it is really like that. Since our brand was born, our service has been transformed for the needs of our costumers. We add new materials, new shipping areas, finishes and improvements in packaging thanks to comments and feedback.

That’s why this week there are new features in our services, which by popular acclaim, we have already applied.

That is great! What’s new ?

  • New thickness added – 1.2mm. Now all materials have 5 thicknesses available to choose: 1mm 1.2mm 1.5mm 2mm 3mm

With this we consolidate ourselves with the largest different online sheet metal thicknesses available in Europe!

  • New material added – Brushed Aluminum. Now your part of aluminum can be more incredible. We have added the brushed surface finish to the two available alloys, aluminum 1050 and aluminum 5754.
  • Free tracking number on all shipments. No more blind shipments! All shipments whether parcel companies, by ordinary postal service, with standard or express delivery, got free tracking number!

That allows you to follow your parts all over the world and be informed when it is near to being delivered to you door. This is great! Isn’t it?

Ok! That’s all folks! We hope all these improvements will be helpful.

Adventurers beware: Let us take this opportunity to remember that the materials indicated as “Natural Finish”, means that it may contain a superficial mark on the front face, as well as slight scratches, all due to the cutting operation itself. This finish is recommended if the part is not a visible item (aesthetic) or if a subsequent treatment is planed to be done, such as painting, sandblasting …

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