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What is Vibranium? Marvel Science for noobs in less than 250 words. [Part 2]

que es el vibranium

What is Vibranium?

The Vibranium is an abundant (fictional) resource in the kingdom of Wakanda, It is commonly associated with Black Panther who is the ruler of Wakanda and also associated with Captain America’s shield.


Vibranium is a rare metal said to have gotten on planet by way of a meteorite landing on earth 10,000 years ago. It was first discovered in Antarctica and is tagged “Anti-Metal”. There are different types of Vibranium which have similar but also slightly different properties.


The Antarctica isotope of Vibranium has the ability to dissolve metals (anti-metal hability) while the Wakandan Vibranium variant can absorb different forms of energy like kinetic energy, sound waves and other vibrations. The energy absorbed is stored within the Vibranium molecules making it extremely difficult to destroy. Exposure to Vibranium also causes mutations which can be seen in Wakanda’s natives and in their plants and animals.


There are limits to the amount of energy Vibranium can store. With enough force (from a huge number of bombs for example) Vibranium particles will implode and destroy themselves


Vibranium is used by the people of Wakanda to do almost everything making them the most technologically advanced nation on earth. It is used for the Black Panther’s suit making him bulletproof. He can also walk on water and climb walls with the right momentum. It is also used for Captain America’s shield, wich is forged by Howard Stark, Tony Stark’s dad (aka, IronMan).

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