Material and finishes. 

Finally, a place with all information and previews of materials and finishes.


 Carbon Steel 

Magnetic, dark, a tough guy...

Carbon Steel

Raw metal, can contain some minor scratches. Need to be treated to avoid rust. Magnetic.

Galvanized Steel

Carbon steel with galvanized protection with the classic silver pattern. Magnetic.

 Stainless Steel 

Available in multiple finishes and resistant to everything.

Stainless Steel - Natural

Perfect for prototype at an affordable price. Can contain minor scratches.

Stainless Steel - Brushed

The most famous material for keyboard plates. Perfectly brushed and treated surface.

Stainless Steel - Shiny

Manually polished for a bright aspect.

Shiny and clean like a mirror. 


Light as a feather. Ready for clack tap clack.

Aluminium - Natural

Low weight material with good properties.

Can contain some minor scratches. 

Aluminium - Brushed

Perfectly brushed surface with the lowest weight material we got. 


Want your part shiny? You are in the right place.*

Brass - Natural

Raw matt brass with a natural aged aspect. Can contain minor scratches.

Brass - Brushed

Brass, perfectly smooth brushed with a luxury look. 

Brass - Shiny

Manually polished brass, looks like a piece of gold or 3PO body part. 


The steampunk badass is here.*

Copper - Natural 

Raw matt copper with a natural aged aspect. Can contain minor scratches. So steampunk.

Copper - Brushed

Copper perfectly smooth brushed with the proper natural red aspect

Copper - Shiny

Manually shiny polished copper. Hypnotic finish with  techie aspect.


 Oh my gosh! 

Just plates. Raw plates. No ketchup.

48h Production - Instant Pricing - No Order Minimums - Wrapped with ♥

Any doubt about your keyboard file measures, materials or finishes?  Contact us :)

* [the availability of materials is subject to change according to the existing stock in the factory.] ​

*[This materials need to be treated to avoid being tarnish over the years.]

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