All specimen admitted.

Upload your file, and get your keyboard plate produced in 48h.

Our lasers and robots are in love with complex geometries and lifeforms.  

Kerf who?

Send us the exactly geometry you want. No offset, no gaps, set your Kerf to 0.0mm.


Premium-quality materials and finishes. All classic thicknesses for keyboard plates available.

Easy peasy

All vector file formats accepted. One part per file. Up to 1000 x 1000 mm work area. 

It's dangerous to go alone! Take this (advice).

 Some considerations to get your plates perfectly cut at Lvl.99

Size matters.

 Upload a DXF file with all lines ungroup and the configurator will automatically detect the main values of your parts.

Your file is not in DXF format? No problem. You can also fill the values manually.

Maximum sizes

A quick way to do this is to draw a rectangular around your plate. This value have to be in millimeters.

Total Path Length

Total length of all the paths (lines) of your piece combined. This value have to be in millimeters.

Any doubt about your keyboard file measures?  Contact us :)

 Oh my gosh! 

Just plates. Raw plates. No ketchup.

48h Production - Instant Pricing - No Order Minimums - Wrapped with ♥

Any doubt about your keyboard file measures, materials or finishes?  Contact us :)

* [the availability of materials may vary according to the existing stock in the factory.] ​

*[This materials need to be treated to avoid being tarnish over the years.]

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