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What is Adamantium? Marvel Science for noobs in less than 250 words. [Part 1]

que es el adamantium

If you’ve ever watched or read a single episode of the X-Men comics then you’re probably familiar with Adamantium. Adamantium is the element that Wolverine’s famous retractable claws are made from, it is also used in making Ultron shell, Sabretooth and lady Deathstrikes skeletons and claws, X-23s claws and the Russians body.


Adamantium is an alloy propagated by the scientist Dr Myron Mclain entirely by accident. The metal was gotten as a result of some unsuccessful tinkering done by the doctor. After trying and failing to replicate the bonding of steel to Vibranium used in creating Captain America shield, he, however, ended up with “true” Adamantium.


Adamantium is a dark shiny grey material which closely resembles high-quality steel. It is the densest metal known to man and has the ability to survive nuclear blasts. It is impenetrable and once the alloy has been set cannot be reformed.


Because it is an alloy made by mixing melted Vibranium and steel together and then set into its permanent mould. It can be destroyed by subjecting it to extremely high temperatures. However, this process only succeeds in blowing the Adamantium to bits as neither Vibranium nor steel can be recovered from this process.


Adamantium was extensively used in the Weapon X military program made famous by Wolverine. It is used by Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike, Iron Man and Dr Otto Octavius.

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